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CanSat-Team: „PerpetuumMobile“

We are 6 pupils and students from Halle, who are interested in technology and space travel and
represent Germany in the European CanSat competition. In September 2018 we have won the
German CanSat competition.

What is a CanSat?

A CanSat is a satellite the size and shape of a conventional beverage can. With this
Minisatellites is a space mission, with planning, construction and implementation to be simulated.
The challenge is to simulate all important components of a satellite,
sensors, a salvage and a communication system, into the minimum volume of a
CanSat in the future. This minisatellite will then implement certain tasks/missions.

Our CanSat

In the CanSat competition, each nation builds a special satellite. The primary mission is specified. The secondary mission, on the other hand, can be set by any team. We have already successfully launched our CanSat in the German competition and are now developing it further.

Primary mission:

Tell the satellite to measure the air pressure and temperature. From the measured data the altitude should be
and the speed of fall can be determined.

Secondary mission:

Unser Satellit soll seinen Flug, mithilfe der von ihm gesammelten Daten, autonom regulieren und anschließend
sanft landen. Hierzu dient ein ganz spezielles Bergungssystem, dass aus einem Fallschirm und vier
Rotorarmen besteht (ähnlich wie bei einer Drohne). Kurz vor der Landung wird der Fallschirm abgeworfen, daraufhin klappen automatisch die Rotoren aus, die den CanSat abbremsen und sicher landen. Seinen Flug dokumentiert der CanSat mit verschiedensten Sensoren und Kameras.

The Team

Us, the CanSat team from Saxony-Anhalt,
fascinates the current development of space travel, especially through SpaceX. We are particularly interested in the reuse of rockets and satellites.
Under the name "PerpetuumMobile" we are now working on an economical, self landing mini satellite. Team members have brought us together above all our interests in physics, technology and computer science - for this reason the competition came just in time for us.
We are ready for difficult tasks and look forward to the new challenge.


public relations


team leader






Such a project is very expensive. It is financed by sponsors and donations. Further sponsors are urgently needed!

Sponsors and supporters

DELL Technologies

As a manufacturer of computer and storage technology, DELL Technologies is a great sponsoring partner. DELL Technologies supports us financially as one of two main sponsors, as well as with a super laptop. The cooperation runs smoothly and very reliably. Thank you very much.


Telba, as ICT and Security group, also fits perfectly into our project. Telba is the second main sponsor of our team and thus relieves us financially. The cooperation with Telba is also very good.
Thank you!!

Weinberg Campus Technologiepark

The technology and start-up centre from Halle (Saale) forms an interface between science and industry. Although the TGZ also supports us financially, it helps us most by supporting us in creating an excellent sponsoring concept. Without this we would not have found so many sponsors. THANK YOU!


WISIS is helping our team financially.

Druckhaus Schütze GmbH

The local company prints the flyers and posters for us free of charge. Without the support our public relations would not be possible.

Förderverein des Elisabeth-Gymnasiums e.V.

The sponsorship association of our school supports us financially and takes care of the logos of the sponsoring.


The Saalesparkasse supports our team financially.


January 1, 2018

Start of the project

January 12th, 2018

Submission of the application for the German CanSat Competition

May 28th, 2018

Submission of the interim report

August 2, 2018

Submission of the interim report

17th - 21st September 2018

Starting campaign in Bremen

June 9th, 2019

Delivery of the Pre-Launch Report

24 - 28 June 2019

Launch campaign of the European Competition

July 14th, 2019

Submission of the final report

August 1, 2019

Completion of the project

Fortschritt des Projekts






The start campaign will take place on 24-28 June 2019. The location will soon be drawn among all ESA countries. The launch of our CanSat will finally take place on Wednesday of the launch campaign. However, the complete evaluation of all data from the missions will continue into the summer holidays, where we will submit our final report on 14 July. 


Would you like to support us or learn more? Then feel free to contact us!